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Pest-Free Outdoor Entertaining

By Coryanne Ettiene

Summer is finally here with longer evenings, brighter mornings and warmer days that offer the promise of memories that only summer can bring.  Get the most out of your summer nights by moving your parties outside.  

As much as we love enjoying the outdoors, it comes with a few common pests that can spoil the perfect summer evening.  The shops are full of products that deter common pests, but with a few handy household supplies, you can deter them with eco-chic wallet friendly options.  

Got Wasps? Don't let these flying annoyances bother the perfect BBQ.  Cut off the top 1/3 of  a large soda bottle, then flip the top so that the bottle neck is facing down into the rest of the bottle. Once secure, fill the bottle part way with soda. Wasps will enter the bottle but will not be able to get out.


Got Ants?  Enjoying the cool summer grass can be easily spoiled by these crawling, sometimes stinging pests. Spray the area with Vinegar for a temporary measure.  It will confuse the ants and have them looking for another path.


Got Flies? Every Arizona household suffers from flies in the summer.  By mixing basil oil with water and spraying your kitchen, or better yet plant a few pots of basil in your kitchen, the scent will deter them and keep your indoors spaces free of flies.


Got Mosquitoes? Hardly anything keeps Mosquitos away, but you can curb their population in your back yard by keeping your lawn cut short and remove any stale water that collects in your garden.

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