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Lighten Up! Fast Fixes For Dark Under-Eye Circles

By Sasha BeautyBlogger

Unless you’re a football player, or going for a “goth” look, dark under-eye circles are not something you want to consistently sport. These annoying beauty stealers can make a gal look tired and haggard (as my grandmother would say). Whether I get nine hours of restful sleep, or only two hours, my dark circles are ever present (and I don’t mean the “gift” variety). In fact, a girlfriend of mine recently told me my under-eye circles look a bit panda-esque. (Good friends can get away with that kind of honesty.) So, what causes these unsightly circles? And most importantly, how can you tame them for a bright-eyed, radiant look? If dark circles plague you, you’ll want to read this enlightening article (pun intended).
What Causes Dark Circles? 
The biggest cause of these irksome circles is genetics. (While I’m thrilled to have inherited my mom’s almond-shaped eyes, I sure wish I could pass on the under-eye circles). Other unsurprising factors include lack of rest, allergies, stress, and age. Here’s a quick snapshot of these influencers:
Sleep it off: This one is a biggie when it comes to causing dark circles. Sleep deprivation causes skin to appear paler which, in turn, creates the appearance of dark circles under the eye area.
Hand-me-downs: Often, dark under-eye circles are genetic (thanks, Mom) and tend to be more common among those with fair skin or deep-set eyes.
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Pollen and dander and dust, oh my: If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’ll be bummed to know allergies can promote dark circles. Things like pollen, dust, and dander can all play a part. 
Thin-skinned: While this is a term often used for those who can’t take criticism, thinning skin is a cause of dark circles. As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes thinner, which creates the appearance of darkness underneath the eyes.
Fast Fixes For Taming Under-Eye Circles!
Now that you’re versed in the causes, let’s get to the good stuff: how to conquer them. From treating them to covering them up, here are some effective fixes that will have you swapping dark under-eye circles for luminous peepers.
Camouflage ‘em: A good cover up will disguise even the darkest of under-eye circles. There’s no shortage of concealer kits to choose from. One that I like is Benefit’s Confessions of a Concealaholic ($36). This all-encompassing kit includes a complete arsenal to cover up all varieties of dark circles.        

Topical therapy: There are a number of topical products on the market that assist in reducing dark circles. These creams (such as Nip+Fab’s Dark Circle Fix, $16) are formulated to diminish the appearance of dark circles over time and typically contain a plumping agent that helps to thicken the skin as well as vitamins C and K (which can help add volume).
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DIY maven: Lastly, there are a few natural remedies that are super easy to add to your daily routine. Remedy #1: getting plenty of zzz’s. Plentiful sleep will help ward of dark circles (or prevent them from becoming darker). Also, a diet rich in certain antioxidants (such as blueberries, cranberries, and green tea) can also help. Antioxidants will help strengthen blood vessels around the eye area that can cause that "bluish" appearance around the eyes. Another easy DIY fix? Drinking plenty of water. Believe it or not, dehydration can lead to dark circles by causing your skin to be dry and weak.
There you have it, ladies. Get noticed for your gorgeous eye makeup (minus the football player-esque dark circles). So long, dark under-eye circles. Hello, bright eyes. Don’t you feel enlightened?
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