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Drink Yourself Skinny


By Ingrid Macher, Holistic Health Coach

Which Beverages Work and Which Don't for Dieters

Summer is arriving, the temperature is going up, and our cravings for sweet and refreshing drinks are starting to attack.

So before you pick something to put into your body, you might want to know which drinks are making you fat, and which drinks will make you bikini ready this summer!

Let me introduce you to the 3 powerful drinks that will get your body slim in no time, increase your energy levels in the morning, refresh you in the hot afternoons, and take your sugar cravings away any time.

My 3 secret weapons to get bikini ready:

First up is my favorite, Oolong Tea. You can power up your mornings with this amazing all natural tea that increases your energy, boosts your metabolism, helps curb your cravings, burns 2 ½ times as many calories as green tea, and burns fat up to 43% faster.

This is the perfect replacement for coffee, energy drinks, or fat burning pills and it will help you increase your performance in the gym.

Next up is Hibiscus Tea or Jamaican Water.

This drink not only has an amazing refreshing taste, but it contains high levels of Vitamin C, improves your immune system, is an anti-oxidant, a diuretic, high in electrolytes for replenishing your body after exercise, and can even help alleviate menstrual cramps, purify arteries, normalize blood pressure, and lower high cholesterol.

And our third drink is the most important thing our bodies need – water! Did you know that you can burn more calories through the day just by drinking ice cold water?

When you drink cold water, your body has to burn calories in order to warm up the water to your body temperature.

Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of ice cold water a day, and you’ll burn an extra 70 Calories a day. That can really add up on a daily basis--over 7 pounds a year--just for drinking cold water!

3 drinks that may be sabotaging your bikini body:

#1 on our list is caffeine. Studies have shown that drinking an excessive amount of caffeine, like that in coffee or energy drinks, can create dehydration in your body, causes you to crash after a couple hours, makes you crave for food, increases your blood sugar levels, and makes you retain more water weight in your body.

Our next no-no is alcohol. Alcohol, and the things it’s usually mixed with, contains high amounts of sugar which our body will store as fat! Additionally, every time we drink alcohol our appetite increases, it makes us crave for junk food, impairs our judgment, and destroys all our hard work at the gym.

If you thought you were safe by having drinks that say “diet”, “sugar free”, or “lite”, you might want to know that the artificial sweeteners that are used in these drinks actually increase your sugar cravings.

Our body is left feeling unfulfilled by the artificial sweeteners and continues to crave sugar until it gets it.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to shed the extra pounds for that cute bikini this summer, try switching out some of these evil drinks for my amazing secret weapon drinks that will help you to slim down fast and get bikini ready in no time.

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