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Aging Gracefully: Are You Neglecting These Areas?


By Sasha BeautyBlogger

When it comes to our faces, most women are overly diligent about skincare (or what my husband refers to as my “insanely-obsessive topical regimen”). We slather on  anti-aging elixirs, eye creams, and brightening serums. We dutifully exfoliate, get facials, and try microdermabrasion. And we’re total suckers for anti-aging treatments that promise to firm, lift, tighten, or brighten. But what about below the chin?

I recently overheard two girls attempting to guess another woman’s age (unbeknownst to the woman), and one of them exclaimed, “Oh, she’s definitely over 35…just look at her neck!” That got my beauty wheels turning, and it occurred to me that while we typically focus on our faces, many of us tend to forget about other important areas.

Does your face match what’s below it? Here are some of the most commonly neglected areas and tips for age-proofing them:


Neck: We’ve all heard the term “turkey neck,” or seen photos of a woman’s face that looks a couple of decades younger than her neck. In order to keep this area from aging you, be sure to routinely apply SPF to protect yourself from those dreaded UV rays. Most skincare experts also suggest applying your facial treatments to your neck, whether it be nighttime moisturizer, a peel, or an exfoliant.

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Chest: Our chests are often exposed to the sun, making them susceptible to sun damage (think brown spots) and wrinkles. And believe it or not, sleeping on one side for years can also cause chest wrinkles (I know what you’re thinking: is there anything that doesn’t cause wrinkles these days?!?). Just like your neck, be sure to routinely apply SPF and moisturize it as you would your face. And if you want a more immediate fix, ask your dermatologist about resurfacing treatments.

Hands: No surprise on this one as our hands take a beating from hours of dishwashing to harsh, drying weather, as well as long-term sun exposure. Want to turn back the hands of time (pun intended)? Moisturize your mitts constantly and try hitting the hay with thick cream and gloves on. Again, SPF is a must considering your hands are constantly exposed (think about all those years of gripping the steering wheel while driving). If your hands need major help, ask your dermatologist about hand restoration treatments.

Knees: I know, I know. But think about it a moment. While the skin on your knees is thicker than most areas, consider how many times you bend your knees within an hour, day, week, and – okay you get the idea. To keep the skin on (and around) your knees from sagging, be sure to moisturize ‘em generously. The good news is it only takes a few seconds to slather additional lotion on them. And if your knees are a darker shade (as elbows and knees tend to be sometimes) simply give ‘em a good loofah scrubbing in the shower once a week.

There. Now you’ll be tackling anti-aging from head-to-toe!

What do you think, readers? What below the neck areas do you think make a person look older than they really are?

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