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How To Photograph Your New Baby


When you’re a parent, especially a new one, you take tons of photos of your baby. Taking cute photos of newborns can be a challenge when they’re always sleeping! Well, at least that’s what I thought until I interviewed photographer Erica Clements who has some tricks to make it easy!


No offense to other moms, but sometimes the only cute newborn is your own. How do you make all of them look cute in your photos?

Erica Clements:

All newborn babies are so precious that it's not hard to make them look cute. But, I do find that newborns photograph best in their birthday suits. At that age, they're so small that any baby clothes fit funny and look funny on them for portraits. They are so fresh and new and I think showing their beautiful baby skin helps to celebrate that.

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Is it easier to take photos of newborns when they're sleeping?

Erica Clements:

Yes! That's why it's best to take portraits of your newborn within the first 10 days of life. They're usually very sleepy and it makes for such sweet portraits. Plus their eyes have a hard time focusing on anything when they're awake, so they might have a funny look on their faces.

GalTime :

You have some beautiful photos of babies, how do you position and pose them so that they'll cooperate?

Erica Clements:

The key is getting them fed, warm and comfortable. It's important to keep their bellies full and keep the room warm, so that they'll doze off easily for you. After that it's a piece of cake to put them in cute poses. Well, most of the time.

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GalTime :

Give new parents a few ideas for taking unique (and safe) photos of their own babies.

Erica Clements:

The absolute easiest thing to do is hold your hold baby. Something about being held helps your baby stay asleep longer and you can try a few different poses with both Mom and Dad. And, stand close to a window for some really lovely light and sweet moments. You can also swaddle your baby in a blanket and lay her on your bed away from the edges. She'll stay nice and sleep and you can take some close ups of that sweet face.

Erica was raised in Tampa and has a bit of her heart in Louisiana, too. Her family is her priority in life, and she frequently visits her family members in Tampa and New Orleans, her husband's hometown. When not spending time with her bright and energetic son, she's usually busy cooking and baking, planning play dates, spending time with her husband, going for a jog and working on her other passion, portrait photography.

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