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Camping with Kids

Published: June 18, 2013

By Laura Pink

We’ve been camping with our girls since they were babies. It’s not always easy, but the experiences and memories they’ve gained have made it all worth it. I’ve learned some tips over the years to help make your time go a little bit more smoothly.

1. Have separate outfits for each day you are gone in a Ziploc bag. It makes getting them dressed in the morning quick and easy. Just grab a bag with the clothes for the day and you are all set. This is especially nice if Mom is gone at the showers and Dad is getting the kids dressed. There’s no question and no weird matching outfits.

2. Have a good first aid kit on hand. You will have bug bites, scrapes and sunburns, so make sure you are prepared for anything. My youngest fell into a grill one year and thanks to my sister-in-law’s quick thinking and well stocked first aid kit, we didn’t need to go to the ER and her scarring was minimal.

3. Bring movies or other ways to keep kids occupied in the rain. Being stuck in a tent or camper with your kids with nothing to do can make for a miserable experience. You don’t need a fancy TV, just bring a laptop that shows movies. Buy some new colors or markers and coloring books; break them out when the kids need something to do. Everyone loves new coloring stuff!

4. Make sure you have healthy food options for your kids. We have simple breakfasts so that we can start our day to get to the beach or off on a bike ride. Lunch is usually easy with sandwiches. One thing I love about camping is that I hardly have to cook; we mostly grill and that’s my husband’s job. I make sure to have stuff even the kids like to eat on the grill.

5. Relax. Remember you are camping to have fun and relax. Loosen up a little bit; let the kids stay up a little later or have an extra cookie for dessert. You’re there to make memories with your kids; it’s not a time to sweat the small stuff.

Camping season is right around the corner. Hopefully these tips will help make your camping trips go a little more smooth.

Laura is a working mom of two who loves to write. She lives in Northeast Wisconsin with her husband and two daughters. She loves to read and go camping with her family. When she grows up she wants to be Tina Fey or Amy Poehler. You can learn more about her on her personal blog,

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