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Five Simple Tips To Create Your Own Haven At Home

Published: 6/17/2013

Our homes either support us or deplete our energy. You either walk into your home with a sense of fulfilling serenity & excited anticipation (You know the feeling… the, “ I can not wait to kick off my shoes, put on my comfy sweatshirt and curl up with a cup of tea” feeling.) Or, you walk in dreading the piles of clothes that need to be put away in your bedroom or the darn door that keeps sticking and frustrates you because #1 it sticks and #2 you can't believe you haven't already fixed the problem.

It is time to explore the five keys that will help you create a haven that nurtures you so that every time you begin to think about your home you are excitedly anticipating the fulfilling sense of calm your home gives you when you walk through the door.

1. Clutter

Do you have areas in your home that are in disarray or piles of papers stacked up? It is time to tackle these energy-zapping areas and get them out of your home and out of your life! They not only deplete your energy when they are staring back at you but they suck your energy even when you are in another room and leave you thinking about what you “should’ve” done.

The "should have" statement is your subconscious' way of making you feel guilty, unworthy or worthless, which lowers your self-esteem. This type of unconscious thought process drains your energy giving you less energy to take care of the piles of clutter around each corner. Tackle one small pile or drawer at a time. Notice how this lifts your energy. This will give you the energy to continue clearing the clutter helping you to create your harmonious home.

2. Schedules

These are one of those great tools that help you stay on task to reduce clutter. In our busy lives, it is so easy to get distracted. We have beeping alerts on our cell phones and the pop-up reminders on our laptops letting us know that there are 227 emails in our inbox that need to immediate attention.

With this constant barrage of distractions it is important to take a moment to put a plan together to keep you on pace with the household to-do list. Make sure that the goals you set within the intended timetable are achievable. It is better to accomplish smaller targets that will help build momentum and leave you feeling energized.

3. Reduce

For three days go through every room in your home and remove one item that you don't absolutely love. Start with the items you were on the fence with in the de-cluttering phase and put them in a box labeled "Day 1". Do the same for day two and three labeling the boxes with the corresponding day. You might notice that the process gets easier as you remove more miscellaneous items. You are on a roll! Keep on clearing and take a moment to notice your energy level and the energy of the space. There is the chance that this process becomes more difficult and finding items that you are willing to put in the box is more challenging with each new day.

Take a deep breath and keep going! Remember the end goal is to create a space that is your little piece of heaven. Ask yourself, would heaven have items in it that you are apathetic towards or only halfheartedly like?

Assess. Evaluate each room and determine if there is one item that you truly love in the space. It could be the cozy couch that you love to sit on in front of the fire or it could be the crystal pineapple keepsake that inspires you to welcome abundance into your life. Whatever it is, make sure there is one item that you truly love in each room, something that supports you and makes you smile.

This will give you a point of comparison for other things you might consider bringing into your environment. Do they uplift and nurture you? Your ultimate goal is to have every item in your space touch you in a way that makes your spirit soar.

4. Create

Before meeting with clients I always suggest that they take a look at home magazines or Pinterest and find rooms they love. Take a month or two to find the rooms you love and place them in a designated "favorite folder", whether it is the type you can physically hold or a virtual one on your computer.

Some might feel impatient and say that collecting pictures for a month or two is too long. My thought is that it is better to take the time to really understand what you love before you begin the decorating process. More than likely you will live with your results for years to come, which if made in unconscious haste, can deplete your energy and bank account from the many mistakes that will assuredly be made.

This step allows you to discern what you are drawn to in a space. The time tested adage "less is more" is a cornerstone to creating an inspired haven.

5. Energize

As you move through your home, every room and every item either supports or energizes you, or it depletes your energy and vitality. It is important to make a conscious effort to include only those things in your environment that uplift your spirit and foster an emotional response of serenity and harmony.

Begin the process of creating your haven by noticing your emotional response to the areas and items around you. Do they lift your energy or drain your vitality? Take action today to live your best life and create your sanctuary by clearing one small drawer.

This first action will give you the inspiration, satisfaction and motivation to move through these five simple steps and discover your Inspired Home.

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