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Why Selling and Dating Are the Same Thing

Published: 10/17/2013

If you’re dating, you’re in the sales business. So come out from behind your cubicle, or calculator, or Petri dish. The reality is when you date, you have to sell… yourself… and possibly the package deal you come with! If you’re used to being a savvy schmoozer in the business world those are some of the same skills it takes to be a good first date.

Take it from the guy who trains people on how to land jobs and rise to the top in the business world, marketing guru Steve Klein, CEO of the Professional Development Center.  “It's that first few seconds that can make or break the sale or the date. How we present ourselves, how we dress, how we speak and most importantly, how we listen, signals to the prospect or the date how this relationship will shape up. It's difficult to change a first impression.”

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But the key, Klein warns, is to not make it too cheesy, or come on too strong! “I'm not talking about the brash, over-confident, smooth-talking salesperson, I'm talking about you and your date who are both out to make a sale. The sales is not a product or service, but rather, the sale of a relationship that could continue after the date.”

Okay so what if you’re no sales expert and you like staying behind your cubicle... calculator.... or Petri dish? Don’t worry, this is easy: Just listen to your date! Pay attention to what they talk about, ask questions, appear interested. Klein says the next thing you know, you’re selling, that’s what good salespeople do.

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If you’re still uneasy about this entire concept, here are Klein's 10 Top Sales Tips When Your Heart Is On The Line

1. Develop a relationship

2. Listen from the heart

3. Ask the right questions in order to learn about the other person

4. Show confidence

5. Put the best foot forward

6. Focus on the prospect/date

7. Get the prospect/date to open up

8. Understand the other

9. "Close" the sale - sell the prospect

10. Sell the date to move to the next level or continue seeing the other person

Do you have any tips on how selling and dating are similar? What are your rules of the romance road? Please share them with us in the comment section!

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