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10 Reasons to Throw a Dinner Party

Published: 10/25/2013

Where does the time go? We’re already well into October and before we know it, the holidays will be upon us!

Now’s the time to think about hosting your own dinner party. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and family in a special and meaningful way.

Not convinced? Think again.

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Kitchen Moxie’s Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Host a Dinner Party

1. It’s a great excuse to clear off the dining room table. You know, the one that’s used for sorting mail, folding laundry, doing homework station … Wouldn’t it be nice to finally use it for its original purpose? 

2. You can use all that beautiful, neglected china and silverware stashed in cupboards and on shelves around your house. 

3. You can take your time. We’ve all been there – at a restaurant with friends, the conversation is flowing, laughter is plentiful and then the hovering waiter comes back for the third time to say, “No rush, but I’ll take the check whenever you’re ready.” 

4. You’ll save money. According to Wine Enthusiast, wine at most restaurants is marked up 2½ to 3 times its wholesale cost. Treat your guests to some pretty spectacular wine and save some big bucks. 

5. You can introduce new acquaintances.

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6. It’s a party – you’re encouraged to have a little fun! Something about the intimacy of your own dining room lends itself to deep conversation, hearty laughter and a little silliness, all of which we could do with more of.

7. You and your friends will truly connect – not just digitally! Eye contact, undivided attention and uninterrupted talk. Sounds heavenly, don’t you think? There is no better way to connect than seated around the dining table over good food and drink. 

8. You will repay your social debts. Come on, you know we all have them. All those good intentions of reciprocating that never happened – here is your golden opportunity. 

9. You’ll bring a little spontaneity (remember that?) back into your life. After dinner, whatever you and your guests are up for … the evening is yours, and the chance to be spontaneous and see where the evening takes you is part of the enjoyment. 

10. You’ll enjoy yourself! The dinner party is a place where people come together to enjoy good food, great conversation and, most of all, each other. 

For more dinner party ideas be sure stop by www{dot}kitchenmoxie{dot}net{dot}

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