5 Ways to Treat Him Like a King on Father’s Day

By Charlene Bert, Executive Editor

While Father’s Day may be looming, it turns out most dads aren’t expecting a lot in the form of gifts this year. A new poll from retailmenot.com finds 58 percent of fathers think they do a better job on Mother’s Day presents than their partners do on Father’s Day! If you want to put a little more thought into the gift you give to that special man in your life this year, here are five ways to shower your husband/dad/grandpa with love this Father’s Day.

1. Immortalize Your Love for Dad

Gone are the days when you can melt his heart with a simple card. In 2013, it’s all about the video, baby! “With some simple editing software, you can create a video diary from the kids for Dad,” says Angela Lutin, a relationship coach and dating guru in Boca Raton, Florida. “Simply interview each child, asking them to describe their dad, what hobbies they enjoy together, and what is their wish for Dad on this Father’s Day. The impromptu answers are touching and a great keepsake for Dad.”

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2. Throw a Makeshift Surprise Party

Show the big guy some love by surprising him with a day that’s filled completely with things he likes to do. “Once you’ve established what dad truly enjoys, surprise him early in the morning on Father’s Day by doing ALL of the things he enjoys most,” suggests Lutin. “See a movie, go to the beach, eat at his favorite restaurant. Make it a day that really is about dad.”

3. Give Him What You Would Want

New flash: everyone enjoys a day at the spa, not just moms! “Dad needs pampering, too!” says Lutin. “Plan a day for dad that includes a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, and a fabulous spa lunch. It’s a gift he would probably never give himself, but one he’s guaranteed to love.”

4. Give Him a Celeb-Style Photo Shoot

When you become a father, suddenly the photos you take are all about the kids (and never about yourself)! Give pops the chance to get in the picture with the kiddos with a professional photography session.

“I’m already thinking about what to get my husband for Father’s Day,” says Heather England, a photographer in the Kansas City area. “Another tie? Nope. Another shirt? Nope. More golf balls? Nope. Hmmm… how about photos of his children? That would be perfect!”

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5. Open the Doors of Communication

This last idea is for the bravest of wives. Dr. Ruth Nemzoff, an author and speaker, suggests you use the day to deepen your relationship with your man. “Give him a chance to say everything he’s wanted to say to you,” suggest Nemzoff. “Promise not to be defensive, and then actually listen and follow up with his suggestions on what you could do differently. Then develop a plan on how you will address these issues.”

If you were planning to give your husband another boring polo shirt this Father’s Day, think again! Every dad deserves something special, and any of the five ideas above are certain to make him feel like a king. Pick one and make this a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

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